Pune: Agarwal family donates ventilator machine to Bora Hospital Covid Centre

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Agarwal family donates ventilator

Pune: On behalf of Agarwal Family and Lions Club of Poona Ganeshkhind, a ventilator machine was donated to Bora Hospital Covid Centre in the Ganesh Peth area. Lions Club International Governor Lion Abhay Shastri and Agarwal family on Tuesday handed over the ventilator machine to Dr Mahesh Bora.

Jyoti Kumar Agarwal, President of Lions Club of Pune Ganeshkhind, Jagdish Prasad Agarwal of Agarwal family, his sons Shyam Agarwal and Vijay Agarwal, entrepreneurs, Vijay Bhandari of Lions Club of Pune Ganeshkhind, Dwarka Jalan, Shyam Khandelwal, Mahendra Gadia, Ajay Jain, Quresh Polan, Kantilal Palesha, Rakesh Mittal and other office bearers were present.

Abhay Shastri said, “It is a positive thing that a helping hand is being extended to the needy in this phase of coronavirus pandemic. In today’s situation, ventilators are very much needed for the hospital. I am happy to see that all the members of the club participated in it wholeheartedly.”

Dr Bora said, “We are thankful to the Agarwal family and the Lions Club of Pune Ganeshkhind for visiting the Covid Center of the hospital and donating them with a ventilator. For the last six-seven months, all the doctors, nurses and other staff are working hard to cure the patient from this virus. The machine will be very useful.”

Dwarka Jalan thanked the dignitaries and felicitated the doctors.

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