Police officer extends helping hand to save life of more than 500 stray animals

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Deccan Express: Due to the outbreak of COVID-19 in the state, lockdown was imposed. This started the struggle for survival of many. The condition of the animals, on the other hand worsened. But, going beyond duty, a police officer is fighting for mute souls. During the Corona period, he has so far helped more than 500 animals and saved their lives. His name is Sudhir Kudalkar and is working in the Bribery Prevention Department of Mumbai Police. He has raised an army of more than two thousand people under the ‘Pal group’ in this fight for animals.

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If the group learns that an accident has taken place or that an animal has been abused, discussions begin immediately. The animal is rushed to the hospital with immediate help. An appeal for help is then made after the group has discussed the cost of treatment. In it, all the updates about the nature of the animal are given along with the information about how much someone helped. When asked why so many things are followed, Kudalkar said, “There is a big black market behind the name of help for animal organizations. So it is necessary to keep all the details in this way. Everyone should come forward and help the animals. There should be awareness about animal related laws.”

He further said that he has a dream to set up a shelter for blind and handicapped dogs on the streets and will soon set up an organization.

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