One held, one booked for thrashing a PSI at Tulapur

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Pune : deccan express A PSI who was leading a police team gone to arrest the accused in a brawl was manhandled and thrashed by two persons. This helped the accused to escape.


The Lonikand police have registered an offence of obstructing a government servant from performing his duty. Sampat Baban Shivale (41) has been arrested. PSI Suraj Gore has lodged a complaint in this regard.


According to the police, a case of beating up using a weapon was lodged at the Lonikand police station. A team of police comprising PSI Suraj Gore, police personnel Pandurang Mane and Balasaheb Tanpure visited Tulapur on Saturday to search for the accused. The accused in the case were identified as Tejas Salve, Chandrakant Popat Shivale, Ram Popat Shivale, all residents of Tulapur.


The police held the accused near Bhatti Vasti and were interrogating them. Sampat Shivale and Ram Shivale arrived there and started arguing with PSI Gore and challenged his authority saying, “We do not care even if you are a PSI. Do not act smart in our area. We do not care even if you were the commissioner of police. You will have to free the accused.” Then they caught his jugular and dragged him. Sampat Shivale also thrashed him. PSI Gore’s spectacles were damaged.


Though the police told them that they were police and were taking the accused in their custody. They told them not to interfere in government work but to cooperate. The accused still charged at the police personnel, abused and threatened them.

An accused, Tejas Salave, escaped in the melee. Sampat and Ram Shivale have been booked for obstructing government work. PSI Bhosale is investigating the case.

Web Title : One held, one booked for thrashing a PSI at Tulapur 


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