Maharashtra state at risk of new disease! What is Mucormycosis?

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Deccan Express: The second phase of COVID-19 pandemic has infected many people. It is shocking to hear that people who have recovered from corona virus and are now recovering are now being diagnosed with Mucormycosis. The effect seems to be growing. Mucormycosis is a contagious disease that can spread in the future. Fear is building among doctors about this.

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Due to the severity of the serious disease, mycobacterium tuberculosis, the patient’s survival rate is only 50%. So one can get blindness and other serious illnesses. According to doctors, a serious issue is the high incidence of mucorrhoea in North Maharashtra and Vidarbha. Given the growing number of patients with the disease, the disease can spread. As the number of such patients continues to rise, there is currently a shortage of drugs for both mucorrhoea medicines.

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Medications for this disease are more expensive. Due to the spread of such diseases, the infection of mucormycosis is creating a new threat to Maharashtra. In the meantime, I am currently seeing 2 new patients with mucormycosis daily. So if the effect increases, how to treat them will be a problem. “Not only is there a shortage of anti-fungal drugs, but they are also more expensive,” said Dr Sanjeev Zamba.

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