Mahabaleshwar receives record 2100 mm rainfall in 8 days

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Pune : Deccan Express | Mahabaleshwar is popular as a hill station in western Maharashtra and is famous for its rains. This year, the rain that fell in one day on July 22 and 23 has become the record rain of the last 125 years.

Mahabaleshwar received 480 mm of rainfall on July 22. The next day, on July 23, 590 mm of rain was recorded. The previous record was 439.8 mm on July 7, 1977. This year, the record has been broken on July 22 and 23 with heavy rainfall.

The meteorological department has been receiving rainfall records since 1896. In July 1896, the highest ever rainfall was 4866.9 mm. Mahabaleshwar has received 4030 mm of rainfall since June 1 this year and 1289.2 mm of rainfall was recorded in June this year. Since then, it has received 2841 mm of rainfall in July.

According to the meteorological department, Mahabaleshwar receives an average rainfall of 2064.4 mm in July. This year, since last July 19, 2100 mm of rain has been recorded in just 8 days.

The formation of a low pressure area in the Bay of Bengal increased the westerly winds. At that time a low pressure area was formed on the west coast. As a result, the clouds carrying steam were hitting the hills of Mahabaleshwar and going up. Due to the formation of these clouds in one place, Mahabaleshwar received more rain in less time. Similar to Mahabaleshwar, this was the situation in many places in the Sahyadri range. However, the rainfall could not be recorded as it was not measured at that place.

This led to floods and landslides in many places in Kolhapur and Satara districts.

In the last 10 years, on July 31, 2014, 432 mm of rain was recorded in 24 hours. On July 16, 2018, 298.7 mm of rainfall was recorded.

Rainfall in 24 hours in Mahabaleshwar this year (mm)
July 19, 2021 – 100
July 20 – 110
July 21 – 160
July 22 – 480
July 23 – 590
July 24 – 320
July 25 – 190
July 26 – 150

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