Junnar Hadsar Fort now becomes easily accessible to enthusiasts

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Junnar: Those who are now willing to trek and tour around Hadsar Fort, near Junnar as members of the Sahyadri Durg, a social group with fort enthusiasts and like minded people have put up a board which reflects the rich history of the same.

They have ensured that boards of directions are also put up so it’s easier for trekkers and tourists to carry out their journey.

This work was done on Sunday December 6 and the main intent was that every corner of the fort which has historic resemblance is easily accessible to those who come for a visit.

The members involved in the activity of putting up a board include Shashikant Madke, Amol Dhoble, Sachin Gite, Gajanan Saste, Ashish Jadhav, Vinod Patil, Sumant Maurya, Uddhav Chaudhari, Nilesh Kale. They have garnered a lot of appreciation for the same.

Hadsar fort is among the many forts in Junnar region of Pune district which were meant for protection of the ancient commercial trade route from Mawal region to Kalyan via Naneghat.

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