Dabur OdomosInitiates ‘#MakingIndiaDengueFree’ Campaign Spreadsawareness on effective prevention from Dengue & Malaria

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 Deccan ExpressDabur Odomos | Moving forward on itsmission to help the city fight mosquito-borne diseases more effectively, Odomos– India’s most preferred personal application mosquito repellant brand fromthe House of Dabur — today announced the launch of its mega initiative, #MakingIndiaDengueFree in Pune.


Underthis initiative, Odomos –will be directly reaching out to around 20lakh people andeducate them about the harmful effects of dengue & malaria and how toprotect themselves, apart from providing free  Odomos mosquito repellant creams.As part of this campaign, DaburOdomos will conduct awareness sessions in public areas like Bus terminals,Railway stations & schools on effective prevention from Dengue.


The drive wasflagged off in Pune today. Dr. Satish Pathkar, took session for 200 kids fromSVS school Khadki. Mr. Pradeep Magar (Principal) & Mr. Rajendran Ramamurthy(Join secretary) present there.  whichwill cover close to 70 towns across the states of Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Rajasthan,Maharashtra and Delhi.“Asa brand, Odomos has been working towards helping people stay safe from Dengueand other such mosquito-borne diseases. Taking this further, we have taken upthis social initiative to help build public awareness on Dengue prevention sincethere has been significant increase in the number of Dengue cases in recent months.


The need of the hour is to spread awareness around preventive measures andencourage a disciplined community, so that people may safeguard themselves fromDengue. Under this campaign, we will be spreading awareness about Dengue &Malaria and how one can protect themselves from it”. Dabur India Ltd, BrandManager, Ms. Sakshi Prasad said.Dabur India Ltd, Senior MarketingManager-Home Care Mr. Santosh Jayswal said.: “Prevention is the key to avoid diseases like dengue&  Malaria. Under this campaign weare Spreading awareness around preventive measures so that people may safeguardthemselves from vector-borne diseases is the safest bet.


Making IndiaDengue free campaign is an initiative in the same direction. While takingnecessary steps to protect ourselves, we should ensure that we protect ourchildren too, not just while they’re playing in the open but also inside theclosed confines of their rooms. Odomos is the most preferred personalapplication product that offers users complete protection from mosquitoes thatspread such life-threatening diseases. Whether it is day or night, one isoutdoors or inside home, it is advisable to apply Odomos for completeprotection from mosquito bites”.


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