26 year old Youth suicides when his partner refused to marry in Pune

by pranjalipargaonkar
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Pune: On July 31, the youth committed suicide by hanging himself after the girl refused to marry him. The incident took place at Chakrapani colony, Bhosari.

Bharat Krishna Talpe, age 26, is the name of the deceased youth who committed suicide. The girl has been arrested in this case of abet to suicide. Usha Balu Sarogde 23 years old, resident of Khadkumbe, Junnar is booked. Krishna Keshav Talpe has lodged a complaint at Bhosari Police Station.

The couple was suppose to get married between July 21 and July 31 time period. However, accused Usha called off the wedding for petty reasons. Bharat was mentally tortured and forced to commit suicide. Police have recovered a suicide note written by Bharat before his suicide. It clearly states, Usha is responsible for her suicide. Police have registered a case against Usha and arrested her.

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