Will you hang Ajit Pawar if NCP activists make a mistake, asks Devendra Fadnavis

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Pune : Deccan Express  Devendra Fadnavis | A statue of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj was installed in Amravati but it was later removed. The then municipal commissioner Praveen Ashtikar was targeted by throwing ink on his body. A serious offence under section 307 was registered against MLA Ravi Rana. There were heated arguments on the issue in the state assembly today. Leader of the house Devendra Fadnavis targeted Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar.


“A case was filed against an MLA who was in Delhi over an incident in Amravati. The case was filed under whose pressure? Ravi Rana should be given an opportunity to speak,’’ Fadnavis said.


Speaking about the case lodged against Rana under a wrong section, Fadnavis said, “Will you hang Ajit Pawar if NCP workers make a mistake? A case was lodged under ordinary sections against the main accused and how come, you can use section 307 against an MLA in Delhi? If the police become irresponsible, then, there will be no law and order in the state.”


Meanwhile, Ravi Rana has criticised the CM and the home minister. He said they had ordered that a case should be filed against him.


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