Will Jayant Patil’s displeasure make MVA govt fall apart?, Sanjay Raut makes a big statement

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Deccan Express

Retired Joint Chief Secretary of Water Resources Department Vijay Gautam has been reinstated in the department due to which water resources Minister Jayant Patil has expressed his displeasure over Chief Secretary Sitaram Kunte. On Wednesday, Jayant Patil took Kunte to task for sending the work file of the water resources department to the finance department. If such work is going on, then the water resources department should be closed, he said. A few days back, Jayant Patil had similarly targeted the Chief Secretary in a cabinet meeting.

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The discussion started as soon as the MVA government split. Shiv Sena MP Sanjay Raut has commented on this. He said that our pots are not made of glass to crack. He has also rejected the claim that there is an internal dispute in the MVA government. Sanjay Raut was speaking to the media in Mumbai today (Friday).

I don’t know what the minister said. Water Resources Minister Jayant Patil is the state NCP president. He is a senior leader of the state, and also an important minister in the MVA government, as an experienced leader. He himself revealed this in a press conference yesterday. Can’t tell out what happened in the cabinet exactly. No matter how many rumors are spread outside, the MVA government is stable and strong,” Raut said. Meanwhile, he refrained from answering a question regarding Congress MLA Zeeshan Siddiqui.

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