This is an unfortunate matter for Vidarbha, MLA Krishna Khopde slams Deputy CM Ajit Pawar

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28-acre land at Manjari Khurd in Pune has been allotted to Bharat Biotech Company of Hyderabad. Bharatiya Janata Party MLA Krishna Khopde said that the project was supposed to take place in Vidarbha, but while taking to the media in Nagpur, he has made a sensational allegation against Deputy Chief Minister and Finance Minister Ajit Pawar that Ajit Pawar has transferred it to Pune.

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The government has allotted 28 acres of land in Pune to Bharat Biotech for the production of Covaxin. Other facilities along with necessary machinery will also be provided. Pointing this, MLA Krishna Khopde said, the leaders of Vidarbha who did not have the courage to bring new projects did not even show the courage to stop the projects that were at least coming. Officials are struggling to bring in an important project for the development of Vidarbha. But, they don’t get a political place. So they are hijacked. This is an unfortunate matter for Vidarbha. Why did the Congress leaders remain silent with the Guardian Minister Nitin Raut ?

MLA Khopde further said that SII and Bharat Biotech were invited to Mihan area in Nagpur. A committee was set up to set up Bharat Biotech. He was also instructed to make a presentation. Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray also knew about the Mihan project. Despite this, Khopade has said that he did not utter a word about the decision of the Deputy Chief Minister to do injustice to Vidarbha.

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