Water woes of Sus and Mhalunge villages: BJP leader Balwadkar files a plea in Bombay High Court

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Pune : Deccan ExpressSus-Mahalunge Water Issue |  BJP leader Amol Balwadkar has filed a PIL against PMRDA and the PMC in the Bombay High Court on the water woes of Sus and Mhalunge villages. Balwadkar, who is a former corporator, has filed the PIL through Adv Satya Muley.


Twenty-three new villages including Sus and Mhalunge have been included in the PMC. The residents of these villages have to struggle every day to get basic amenities. The water scarcity is very acute in these villages. Since the PMRDA and the PMC have proved ineffective in providing basic facilities to the residents of these villages, Balwadkar has filed a PIL in the Bombay High Court.


Important points of the PIL

1) PMRDA and PMC have failed to recognise the seriousness of providing adequate water to Sus and Mhalunge villages

2) PMRDA and PMC have not prepared any action plan to find a solution for the problem

3) Neither PMRDA nor PMC have clarified about it is whose responsibility to provide water to these two villages.

4) PMRDA has not prepared any action plan to supply water to these villages and provide basic facilities to the people. However, permission to construct new buildings is being given. If PMRDA cannot provide water to these villages, then, it should stop giving permission to new constructions.

5) There is no joint department set by both these bodies to tackle the serious problem

Balwadkar said that he had filed the petition in the HC to fix responsibility on one of the bodies to provide adequate water to these two villages.


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