Shocking! Oxygen scarcity leads in death of three coronavirus patients in Pune

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Omkar Khedekar | Deccan Express

Chakan : The second phase of coronavirus pandemic is affecting the whole country along with Maharashtra. The number of corona positive cases are inclining day by day with increased numbers in deaths by covid19. Scarcity of oxygen cylinders and bed for covid19 patients are been seen from past few day. In between this crisis, a devastating incident took place in a private hospital of Chakan where three corona patients brutally suffocated & died from lack of oxygen supply.

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Chakan is a small town located in Pune district. A private hospital in Chakan witnessed the death of three coronavirus patients after suffocating due to lack of oxygen supply cylinders. Seeing this situation, 20 critically ill patients at the hospital were rushed to another place on Tuesday morning.

A huge number of coronavirus patients have died due to lack of beds and oxygen cylinders. Amid the crisis, such devastating incident took place in Chakan. After the death of three patients, the condition for scarcity of oxygen supply was same in the hospital. Therefore, the hospital administration asked the families of other 20 extremely ill patients to move their belongings to another hospital as soon as possible. Some of the patients were transferred to another hospitals, while three among them died due to lack of ventilator and bed.

Families of coronavirus patients are in continuous efforts for searching beds, ventilators, oxygen cylinders, hospitals, vaccines and much more things which can save the life of their patient. The second wave of coronavirus pandemic in India is brutally affecting the lives of people living here.

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