Modi’s gimmick is the main reason for the outbreak of COVID-19, says Rahul Gandhi; Prakash Javadekar then denigrates him

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Deccan Express

However, the country is facing critical COVID-19 crisis. Corona-virus has made the situation in the country dire. As a result, Congress leader and MP Rahul Gandhi has criticized Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Modi government. Prime Minister Modi’s gimmick is the main reason for the second wave of corona. They still don’t understand what is exactly the coronavirus, said Rahul Gandhi.

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He further said that the corona mortality figures in the country were false. Rahul Gandhi also demanded the government to release the actual figures of coronavirus deaths to the public. Union Minister Prakash Javadekar has responded to Rahul Gandhi’s allegation. Prime Minister Modi is fighting the war against Covid with the people of the country. Rahul Gandhi uses the word ‘nautanki’ about Modi’s efforts, it is an insult of the country and the people of the country. We will not use the word gimmick for them, because their gimmick has never been stopped by the people, said Javadekar.

After watching Rahul Gandhi’s statement, one thing was underlined, that you have created the toolkit. Javadekar has said that the use of language, logic and attempt to spread fear among the people is part of the same politics.

Meanwhile, Rahul Gandhi has commented on coronavirus, lockdown, solutions and citizens’ problems. This time, Rahul has accused the central government of failing to stop the outbreak of coronavirus. We had repeatedly reminded the central government about coronavirus. Even after that, Prime Minister Modi had claimed that India had won the battle against Covid. Coronavirus is lighting up disease, on which lockdown and mask is a temporary remedy. Vaccination is the only permanent cure for this deadly disease, Rahul Gandhi said.

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