I am proud of Ketaki Chitale, says Sadabhau Khot

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Osmanabad : Deccan Express The political temperature in the state is increasing day by day over the controversial FB post on NCP Chief Sharad Pawar by actress Ketaki Chitale. When almost all political parties are condemning the post, Sadabhau Khot has extended her support to the actress. The Rayat Kranti Sanghatana has supported Ketaki Chitale on the issue. While speaking at a press conference in Tuljapur, Sadabhau Khot said he was proud of Ketaki Chitale.


Khot said, “Ketaki is a strong person and she doesn’t need anybody’s support. I am proud of her. She expressed her opinion in the court. Our battle is against the established leaders.”


“Why you are increasing state sponsored terrorism? What happened to your etiquette while criticising Devendra Fadnavis, Amruta Fadnavis and Chandrakant Patil? Deputy CM Ajit Pawar had also used different words while criticising Chandrakant Patil. Where were you when Amol Mitkari had targeted the Brahmin community? Why are you angry when you are criticised,” Khot said.


“When rich people commit crimes, they are forgiven and when others do it, then, a case is filed and the person is imprisoned. She defended her views in the court. You should see the comments made by your activists. These double standards should stop,’’ Khot added.

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