Haryana JJP MLA questions own govt over farmers’ agitation

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Deccanexpress online: Dissenting voices in Dushyant Chautala-led Jannayak Janta Party (JJP)- BJP’s alliance in Haryana, have become shriller after party’s MLA from Tohana Assembly Devender Singh Babli expressed resentment over political boycott of MLAs. He stated that villagers of their own constituencies were boycotting them in solidarity with the ongoing farmers’ agitation against the agri bills.

Speaking in the Vidhan Sabha, JJP MLA from Tohana Babli Devenderm, considered close to Deputy Chief Minister Dushyant Chautala, said the social and political boycott of MLAs has emerged as major problem.

“Nowadays when we go to villages, we get phone calls saying don’t come to our village. Be it social or religious events, or a wedding we have to attend. We said that since you don’t want to invite us, since you don’t want us to fulfill our social or political responsibilities, we will not come. It is an issue”, said Devender Singh.  Babli is considered one of the close aides to Deputy Chief Minister Dushyant Chautala.

“Today, BJP is running the Haryana government with the support of JJP and the farmers are out on the roads of Haryana is a serious matter and an issue of concern”, he added.

“These legislations were made by the Union government. I would not hesitate, we are part of this government. But the circumstances that are currently prevailing in Haryana are not in the interest of the state. Because, the manner in which farmers are sitting on Delhi’s borders…it has been over 100 days our mothers, our elders, our daughters are sitting there. They are not sitting there out of happiness. I was also born in a farmer’s home. I am also hurt,” he further said.

Babli also asked why the ongoing standoff between farmers and government could not be resolved.

While farmers continue to protest on the borders of the national capital, a large number of farmers led by women and holding union flags protested outside the office of Independent MLA Gopal Kanda in Sirsa, Monday.

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