Deputy CM Ajit Pawar inaugurates drive in vaccination centre in Hadapsar, Pune

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Deccan Express

The state government is constantly striving to vaccinate every citizen of the state to defeat Corona. The government is also ready to buy vaccines from abroad. Vaccine maker Bharat Biotech has immediately provided space for its plant in Pune, where vaccine production will begin soon. Ajit Pawar, Deputy Chief Minister and Guardian Minister of Pune, has expressed confidence that the Drive in Vaccination Center at Hadapsar in Pune will provide easy service to senior citizens and the disabled.

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Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar inaugurated the online Drive in Vaccination Center at Hadapsar in Pune for the convenience of senior and disabled citizens. At that time Deputy Chief Minister Pawar was speaking. At this time, MP Dr. Amol Kolhe, Vandana Chavan, MLA Chetan Tupe and others participated in the event through video conferencing. At this point, Pawar said that while the number of taxpayers in the city, including the state, is declining, it is a matter of satisfaction, but caution is needed in view of the potential third wave. The state government has also formed a task force of pediatricians considering the threat of a third wave. We all want to face the corona crisis together by advising to be vigilant that other communicable diseases will not increase along with the corona in the rainy season. Pawar has appealed to the citizens to strictly follow the guidelines for defeating coronavirus.

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