BJP challenges Shivsena for upcoming Mumbai Municipal Corporation elections

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Deccan Express

BJP leader Ashish Shelar has castigated Shiv Sena on the backdrop of upcoming Mumbai Municipal Corporation elections. Shelar has accused Shiv Sena of conspiring for municipal elections. He also said that Shiv Sena is forming four conspiracies. While interacting with the media on Tuesday (1), Shelar gets to read famous dialogues in the match these days.

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Saying that he wants to answer me in the same style, he has challenged Shiv Sena in a filmy manner. The gun is your, the bullet is your and the date is yours too… whether it is morning or evening… BJP is ready to defeat Shiv Sena. If elections are to be understood as war, then we are ready for this war. Shelar also said that the BJP would contest the elections in a legal way.

Shelar has taken the Shiv Sena by storm on the issue of Mumbai Municipal Corporation elections. Shelar said that Shiv Sena is conspiring as it is in power in the Municipal Corporation. “The Shiv Sena’s ploys are to hold early elections, use Coronavirus as an excuse to postpone elections, create new wards based on the 2011 census, try to break up 30 wards, but we will not allow it to succeed,” he said.

Shiv Sena has put 70 crore Mumbaikars in the water under the name of non-cleansing. Shiv Sena is playing with the lives of Mumbaikars. So remember the promise, don’t claim the defense. Why all the facilities are only in Worli, Can’t Shiv Sena see other parts of Mumbai? This question has been raised by Shelar.

Meanwhile, the government has shown these qualities on the issue of Maratha reservation. He also said that the government has shown that it is paralyzed on the issue of Maratha reservation.

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