WhatsApp Alerts : What to do, when you don’t want to be part of WhatsApp group

by amolwarankar
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New Delhi: Users do not use instant messaging app WhatsApp only for message or photo sharing. Rather, it is being used a lot for video calling nowadays. WhatsApp video calls helped people to stay connected during the lockdown, especially during the coronavirus period. Friends and family members made WhatsApp Groups and chatted fiercely. However, sometimes it might have happened that you don’t want to be part of it.

So there are ways you can save yourself from being part of groups. There are many special features in WhatsApp which you might not know about. You need to know some tips, which we are given here.

For Android users, in updated WhatsApp account, click on the three dot on the right side and click on the Settings option given there.

• After this go to Settings> Account> Privacy. There you will get a group option and by tapping on it you will get three options, including Everyone, My Contact and My Contact except.
• Out of these three options, if you select Everyone, then anyone can add you to WhatsApp Groups. While selecting the My contact, only those users will be able to add you to the group whose numbers are saved in your phone. Only selected users will be able to add you to the group after selecting My Contacts Except.
• After enabling My Contacts Except, you have to send an invitation to the group admin and within 72 hours you have to decide whether to add to this group.

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