Successful Testing Of World’s First ‘FLYING CAR’ In Turkey, Know When It’ll Be Launched

by amolwarankar
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New Delhi : We have seen flying cars in science films many times. But scientists have shown this fantasy come true. Recently flying cars have been tested in Turkey. The car is named Cezeri. According to media reports, Cezeri has been designed by Turkish engineers and its successful testing has also been completed in Istanbul only last week. Engineers who developed it said that it is a flying car prototype and there is currently no plan to launch it.

Talking about the design of the car, this car has big blades. The length of this flying car Cezeri is about 10 meters and its weight is 230 kg. According to the company, it will take 10 to 15 years to launch this car. The company making this car is planning to prepare other prototypes for testing further.

In September of last year, Cezeri was introduced in Technofest which is held every year in Istanbul by Turkish Technology and Aerospace. The car is named after the well-known engineer Ismail al-Jazari.

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