Professor Died during Zoom lecture, was Battling with Coronavirus

by amolwarankar
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Argentina: Paola de Simonee, a professor at the Universidad Argentina de la Empresa who was suffering from coronavirus symptoms, died while teaching via a Zoom video conference on 2 September 2020. The 46 years old professor belonged to Argentina.

During the online class, when the students noticed that the professor’s condition had deteriorated, they asked for the home address to send an ambulance, but the professor could only say- ‘I could not tell.’

The professor at Universidad Argentina de la Empresa had earlier said in a Twitter post that even after 4 weeks, she has not been able to recover from the coronavirus. She decided to keep teaching students during this time.

The university has mourned the death of the professor and said that she was teaching in the government and international relations department for 15 years. Currently, the total number of cases of coronavirus worldwide has reached 2.67 crore.

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