New Delhi : This festive season if you planning to sell your old car and buy new car in exchange, then you need to consider few tips for an excellent deal.

by amolwarankar
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Here are few tips-

Valuation of the car : If you are not able to decide what price your old car can be sold for, then you should seek the help of a professional who can evaluate your car and give you the selling price according to the market rate.

Paper work: You should have complete paper work before selling car. From pollution certificate to insurance papers of the car, you have to keep all the paper uptight because customer first looks for paper before buying the old car to avoid any legal problem.

Keep servicing record: If you have all the details recorded of all the servicing given to your car, then it will bag you a good price for your car. This increases the confidence of the customer while buying second hand car as he will be aware that you have serviced the car from time to time and it is in good condition.

Car Maintenance: It is very common that whenever a customer comes to buy your old car, he notices whether the condition of the car is good or not. Better the condition of your old car, the more customer will pay for it.

Car registration is necessary to transfer: According to the Motor Vehicle Act, if you sell your old car to another person without transferring the registration and if that person accidentally crashes the car, then you will be subject to legal action . In this case, do not forget to transfer the car registration in the name of the buyer.

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