Know why you need to prefix zero before dialing numbers from January 15, 2021

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New Delhi: There is going to be a big change in the world of mobile calling in India. From January 15 of 2021, it will be mandatory to dial zero (0) to every user before calling from landline to mobile. In this case, an order has been issued by the Communication minister However, Calling will be done on these three lines as before.

What will be the effect on the user?

Before dialing the mobile from the fixed line on behalf of the government, it will be easier for the user to get new mobile numbers. The government says that this one step will help in creating a new series numbering around 253 crores. Actually, the number of phone users is increasing rapidly in India. In such a situation, the Ministry of Communication is in need of more new calling numbers. Due to this, the government has issued a decision to apply zero before calling from landline to mobile. Government-approved to apply zero.

On behalf of the Department of Telecommunications, telecom companies have been directed to take all necessary measures to implement the new system by January 1, 2021. The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) recommended the introduction of zero before the fixed number of mobile phones from the fixed license, which has been approved by the government.

Plea in TRAI’s case

TRAI argued that this initiative would help in increasing the number of new mobile number series. But in this case, the experts believe that the lack of mobile number will not be overcome by dialing before any special call. For this, it should be made mandatory to apply zero before all types of calling.

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