Husband and wife is often fighting ‘here’ are 7 vastu shastra tips to avoid it

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Pune: If you are married couple, then it is natural for the husband and wife to have differences. However, if these differences starts turning into a fight then it is not good. As it will affect negatively both mental and physical health of couple and their children.

Architect Sanjay Kudi explains 7 Vastu tips for avoiding these negative effects and a good happy married life.

• For a better married life, it is important to have the right Vastu direction . Keep Northern aerial direction clean and clean. Bedrooms for newly married couples should also be in the northern direction. The husband and wife living in the bedroom located here have a good relationship.

• While the bedroom built in northern Vyavya is very good for newly married couples, if you want to choose the bedroom for longer stay or if you are the head of the house then the southwest direction is better for your bedroom. This will provide stability to life as well as improve relationships.
• Make sure that the bed is square in shape and made of wood. In addition, its design should not be very complicated and awkward. Otherwise it will make you feel mentally uncomfortable while sleeping. Arrange the beds in the room in such a way that your head stays in the south or west direction while sleeping.
• Do not make bedrooms in the southeast direction and if there is already a bedroom in that direction then married people should not use it.
• Use only light colors for the walls and furniture in the bedroom. Do not fill the room with unnecessary items.
• Do not build the kitchen in the northeast direction. The kitchen built here spoils the relationship between husband and wife. It is best to build the kitchen in the southeast direction.
• Keep family related photos, photo albums in the south-west direction. By doing this, the husband and wife get a good understanding of each other and the possibility of differences are lessen.

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