Forgot The Password Of Your Computer ? Don’t Worry, Reset With These Easy Steps

by amolwarankar
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Mumbai : Most people use passwords to protect their data in everything from smartphones to computers. Nowadays people have a lot of accounts and apps in which they have to set a password. Having many passwords, they often forget it. If you have forgotten the password of your Windows computer, you can easily reset it with this trick.

You Will Have To Create Password Reset Disk
– To reset the password of the Windows computer, you must have a password reset disk. You have to prepare it while you are running the computer.

– If you do not have it, you cannot reset the password.

– So after setting the password, make a password reset disk before turning the computer off so that if you forget the password, you can recover it with the help of it.

You Must Have A Pen Drive
– You must have a pen drive to create a password reset disk.

– You have to install a pen drive in the computer. Now open the control panel. After that select the user account.

– Then you will see the option of Create Password Reset Disk in the sidebar in the user account.

– As soon as you tap on it, the option of Forgotten Password Wizard will open.

– Then you will be asked for the current user account password.

Tap On Next Button
After entering the password, a button for Next will appear on the screen in front of you. Tap on it and take out the pen drive from the computer. Now keep it safe. This will be required when you forget the password of the Windows computer.

Here’s How To Use This Pen Drive To Reset Password
Now, when you forget the password of your Windows computer, install the password reset disk, i.e. the pen drive in the computer.

– Put any wrong password in the Windows of the password tab shown on the screen. After doing this, you will see an option for reset password below. Tap on it.

– Now you will be asked to create a new password. You can start the computer by entering any new password.

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