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New Delhi: The free food scheme has been in news all the time in Modi regime. During the Corona period, over 81 crore ration card holders were being provided with ration under the scheme.

The Modi government had given 5 kg of food grains (wheat, rice and lentils) free to ration card holders since March, to ensure that the common man does not sleep hungry during the lockdown. This scheme of the government will continue till November.

Ration card has a big role in this scheme of the government. Ration card is a recognized government document of the Central Government. With the help of ration card, people can buy food grains from fair price shops under Public Distribution System (PDS) at a much lower price than the market price.

•Why Ration Card is Important for You

There are usually three types of ration cards made in India. APL to the people living above the poverty line, BPL to those living below the poverty line and Antyodaya for the poorest families. State governments issue ration cards to their citizens, which also serves as an identity card. To make a ration card, it is mandatory to fulfill certain conditions. To get the ration card of below poverty line or Antyodaya scheme, you have to submit some documents. Food Safety Act of the Government of India has made certain conditions for making new ration cards.

•Who can make ration card

Only a citizen of India can make a ration card. To make a new ration card, there should not be an old ration card. A person cannot have two ration cards as it will treated as crime. A ration card will be made on the name of the person who is above 18 years. Children under 18 years of age are included in the parents’ ration card.

A ration card is made in the name of the head of the family. In order to include the name in the ration card, it is necessary to have a close relationship with the head of the family.

•Where and how ration card is made

It is the responsibility of every state governments of the country to get a new ration card for the food grains department. The state governments make ration cards. Therefore, every state governments have set different rules for making ration cards. The process of submitting the application of each state is also different.

In few places offline applications are taken for this, also there is a facility to apply both online and offline. For example, if you are a resident of Bihar, then first you will have to download the form from the official portal of Bihar government

You can also take forms from panchayats. All the information sought in the form will have to be filled correctly. You fill the name of yourself and all the family members. Add photos of all members. Provide mobile number and bank account information. Don’t forget to fill the affidavit in the last step of the form.

Ration cards are being made free in Bihar
last April, the Bihar government has started making ration cards in a new way. The Bihar government had issued a notification for this. In this notification, ration cards are being made for free in Bihar. Also, ration cards are being given to applicants within seven days.

•Documents are required to make a ration card

One requires 5 document- I’d proof, income proof, bank account I’d, residential proof and birth proof. For them document such as Addhar card, account in government bank, Voter I card, passport, any other government issued I card, health card, driving license, PAN card, passport size photo, income certificate, electricity, gas connection book, telephone bill, bank statement, passbook and rental agreement will also be needed.

•Ration Card, Applicability, Eligibility and required documents

Each state has made different rules for making ration cards. Every state government makes ration cards in different ways. Fees are charged for making in few states, and in several states, they are made for free. Ration card fees vary for different classes. For example, if you make a ration card in Delhi, then you will have to pay from 5 rupees to 45 rupees for this. It usually takes 30 days to make a ration card after all the verification process.

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