Dreaming about dead people? Here’s what it means…

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Deccanexpress online: New Delhi : The world of dreams has always been fascinated. Dreams can be said as a window to another world. Most dreams can be interpreted in a lot of ways while some dreams do not always have hidden meanings. Dreams can be said a manifestation of our souls and can predict many things about our character too.

We often dream about dead people, mostly relatives or friends who have passed away. It is believed that dead people cannot contact those who are alive when the latter is in his/her full senses, that is the waking state. So, in many cases, they choose to contact us while we are sleeping and most of our senses are dormant.

Most dreams about dead people are subconscious in mind – it is said that dreams about dead people are a manifestation or our personal feelings of guilt, sorrow or repentance. Sometimes, seeing a dead person in dreams could indicate that they are seeking closure in cases of unnatural deaths, untimely deaths or in cases where last rites of the deceased has not been conducted according to rituals.

There could be spiritual reasons for seeing dead people in dreams too apart from the factors stated above.Sometimes, people die an untimely death and they are unable to fulfil some wish of theirs, hence they contact you for help. In rare cases (especially in case of murder), the deceased wants to extract revenge and hence they contact you.

A one off dream about a dead person is nothing to be worried about. It is natural for you to remember him sometimes if that person was close to you. However, we will see the same dream more than once indicating that the deceased is trying to get in touch with again and again in cases of deep meaning dreams.

Soul of those people who had been grievously sick had been prepared for death or who die of either old age, will not have trouble moving on. However, if anyone has suffered an unnatural death such as murder or accident find it tough time to rest in peace. So, they will try to contact you for any closure that they might need.

Often, dead people appear in our dreams because they are unable to release their soul from the circle of life and death. In such a case, we might find ourselves unable to help them. One must contact an eminent priest, pandit or any person with a religious stature that can help you alleviate your fears.

Dreams about dead people are no cause of worry in most cases. Such dreams simply mean that the deceased are trying to remember you in more cases than one. If a one off dream occurs to you of this nature, you should simply express gratitude for meeting them in dreams and move on.

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