Cruise Control : When and how to use this special feature in your car

by pranjalipargaonkar
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New Delhi : You may have often heard about the feature called Cruise Control in vehicles, first this feature was given only in expensive luxury cars. But now this feature is included in most cars. This feature is often used on the highway. So let’s know what is cruise control and what are its benefits.
Cruise control can be seen in expensive luxury cars. When this feature is turned on, there is no need to keep stepping on the accelerator pedal. When turning on this feature, the speed of the vehicle has to be set, after that you can remove your foot from the accelerator pedal, and with the help of cruise control feature, the vehicle starts running at the set speed itself.
Correct use at 50 kmph
Cruise control is used at a speed of 50 kmph, and its enjoyment increases when the vehicle gets on an open road and there is no traffic at all. Remember cruise control should not be used while driving in the city.
The use of cruise control reduces the fatigue of the driver. But the use of cruise control requires more attention on the road. People abroad also use it in city driving, the roads are also good there and people follow strict traffic rules seriously. While this is not the case in India.
This feature makes driving comfortable
According to the auto expert, nowadays people like buying top model cars. By paying a little more money, we choose an advanced model. As far as the cruise control feature is concerned, it is better and comfortable for your driving. But it is very important to use it with caution. It reduces fatigue on a long journey, but for safety, you also have to be alert.

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