A gay couple lived like a normal hetrosexual couple-revealed post morten report, know the story ‘here’

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Bhopal: postmortem report revelead two young men married and adopted a child secretly in order to lived life like a husband and wife in Sehore district of Madhya Pradesh.

One of the spouse set itself on fire over the dispute among them. When other went to save her, the husband got caught in fire as well. However both died during treatment.

The postmortem report shockingly revealed that the deceased wife was a man not a woman. The two young men were living as husband and wife.

It has been told that the youth Vikram Singh Mewada, a resident of Shujalpur, fell in love with a boy living in Kalapipal Bheswa. In 2012, the two decided to live together. The family of the male youth also gave consent while the female youth did not have a family. After love marriage, both of them started living in Sehore. The boy who lived as wife was named Devkunwar. Two years later, when the family pressed for the child, the elder brother’s son was adopted.

On the night of 11 August 2020, there was a fight between the husband and wife. The burnt couple was admitted to hospital in Bhopal for treatment where on 12 August the wife died and husband took last breath on 16 August during treatment.

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