Zero-based time table of Railways: 56 orders for change in 756 trains given by Railways

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New Delhi: Indian Railways is applying every possible way to make Indian Railway Connectivity effective and efficient. One of the effort of Indian Railway is ‘Zero-Based Time Table’. It has introduced ‘Zero-Based Time Table’ to utilize un-operated trains on track which were not operating due to lockdown.

The Railways had started preparations for major changes in trains from the last week March.

The coaching directors of the Railway Board have so far issued 56 orders for change in 756 trains. Of these, 214 trains were canceled between some stations and 70 trains would no longer be brought back on track. These orders will be implemented from the new time table. This list will include few more changes, when proposals for several zones will be approved.

This is done to reduce the losses incurred in the railways for a long time due to coronavirus. The Railway Board asked all the zones to prepare four major changes under the zero-based time table and asked for its proposal. The Board’s Coaching Directorate is issuing orders after discussing the proposals from all Zones.

The board is focusing on eliminating trains with low passenger load. Partial cancellation of trains which do not passengers on further stations. Increase fare by making passenger trains mDeccan Express, Deccan Express English News, DeccanExpress, EnglishNews,Latest English ail and express. Reducing halts of trains.

Changes made-

• The routes of 161 trains have been changed.
• Terminal stations of 50 trains were changed.
• Linking of one train to another of 145 trains eliminated
• 68 trains were diverted to other stations and routes.
• 12 new trains will be introduced, mostly passengers.
• It will increase the speed of 20 trains and run them at a speed of 130 kmph.
• 121 short distance trains will be stopped
Northern Railway has sent a proposal to the Railway Board to stop 121 short-distance passenger trains connecting small and big cities of the country’s capital Delhi, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh. According to Northern Railway, 16 mail and express trains can also be stopped. The largest zone Northern Railway proposed to shut down 137 trains and 1149 stops.

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