Will the driver’s license be cancelled upon not paying fine?

by pranjalipargaonkar
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Mumbai : Drivers avoid paying fines after violating traffic rules. But if the driver does not pay the fine, their driving license is likely to be cancelled. There are more than Rs 700 crore’s fine pending in the state imposed for violating traffic rules, out of which about Rs 280 crore or about 40 per cent is for violating traffic rules in Mumbai.

In this regard, Transport Commissioner Avinash Dhakne said that reducing traffic offenses to zero is not an easy task. In most cases, the perpetrator is not identified. These notices are usually served to the vehicle owner and in some cases the addresses are incorrect or the given mobile number is incorrect.

Despite many obstacles, the Department of Transportation plans to build a standard operating system for better recovery in the coming days. “If necessary, we will suspend the wrong driver’s license for three to six months or cancel it,” he said.

Difficulties in charging e-currency
The RTO department has launched e-challan for two months now. Drivers can now pay e-challan fines from any smartphone or computer using their wallet, credit / debit card or net banking. Traffic police stop the vehicle and take action. Traffic police do not use speed guns or CCTV. So while one action is being taken, the other vehicle owners escape, a senior official said.

As per the rules of RTO, there is provision of penalty for transportation offenses. There are different penalties depending on the extent of the crime, and the amount of the fine increases if the crime is repeated. Violators of traffic rules have to pay e-challan penalty within 15 days. From the 16th day onwards, there is a penalty of Rs. 10 per day for late payment.

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