WHO’s grim warning, says Covid pandemic to be ‘far more deadly’ this year

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Deccan Express

The second wave of corona virus has put a huge strain on the country’s health system. Many patients have lost their lives due to lack of treatment or untimely medical aids. Medicines are also becoming scarce. The situation in the country is deteriorating. In such a situation, serious warning is grimmed by World Health Organization. Covid’s second year is more dangerous. The death toll is expected to be higher this year than last, WHO Chief said.

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Tedros Anadhom, Director of the World Health Organization, spoke at a press conference. The nature of the Corona pandemic is intensifying, he said. The corona virus will be more deadly in this second on-going year. Therefore, the death toll from corona is likely to be higher this year than previous year, he said. He called on rich countries to donate doses of covax instead of vaccinating them to children. It is understandable that some countries are in the mood to vaccinate children, but they should reconsider and donate the vaccine to covax instead, he appealed.

What is Covax?

Covax Facility is a global affiliate for corona vaccines. The organization is led by GAVI and works to produce, research and distribute corona vaccines to everyone.

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