Top virologist Shahid Jameel resigns COVID-19 panel after criticising Modi govt

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Deccan Express

Even though scientists have given the central government a preconceived notion of a second wave of corona, it has not been noticed in time. Renowned virologist Shahid Jameel has resigned from the Advisory Scientists Forum.

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The central government has set up various advisory committees to fight against COVID-19. The relevant forum has been set up to explore various variants of this virus. The forum features renowned virologists from across the country. For the past few days, Jamil has been raising questions about the central government’s planning and the way it works in the Corona outbreak. But due to lack of response from the government, Shahid Jameel decided to leave the advisory committee.

The forum had earlier warned the central government that another new wave of corona virus will arrive in March and this would lead to a large increase in infections, resulting in increased corona infection and a huge strain on the health system. However, the central government completely ignored it. As a result, due to neglection, country has been hit hard by the corona virus since March. Scientist Jameel has said that Centre ignored the advice given by the forum.

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