Thackeray government announces recruitment of 15,500 posts through MPSC

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Mumbai: Deccan Express  – An MPSC candidate committed suicide in Pune last week. Swapnil Lonkar was not appointed for over one-and-a-half years after his selection through MPSC. Issues of MPSC candidates came to light again after Swapnil’s suicide.  Opposition BJP also raised this issue during the recent assembly session. As a result, the state government is taking urgent steps.

Some state departments such as the public health, medical education departments, etc, have been exempted from the recruitment restrictions. In all, 15,511 posts in the A to C categories will be filled through the MPSC. The process for the same will be initiated soon, said Minister of State for General Administration Dattatray Bharne. He said a meeting under the chairmanship of Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar was held to review filling of vacant posts and the MPSC exams. Some important decisions were taken in the meeting. Exemption in the recruitment restrictions has been given to the Public Health Department, the Medical Education Department, etc.

The Finance Department has given its green signal to recruit 4,417 posts under the A category, 8,031 posts under the B category and 3,063 posts under the C category. Thus, 15,511 posts granted since 2018 will be filled. These recruitments will be expedited after checking the various quota requirements. Four members of the MPSC need to be appointed so that a delay in interviewing candidates in the recruitment process can be avoided. Directives were issued in the meeting to fill these four posts by July end. Increasing the number of MPSC members on the lines of the Kerala public service commission was discussed. This will speed up the process of recruitment in the future, said Bharne.

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