Supreme Court allowed BS-IV diesel vehicles registration, it will legalise all the illegal registration before April 1

by amolwarankar
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New Delhi: The Supreme Court granted the registration of BS-IV diesel vehicles purchased before April 1 that are to be used in essential public services and public utility services by Municipal Corporations and the Delhi Police on friday.

A bench headed by Chief Justice SA Bobde ordered that such diesel vehicles purchased before April 1 that are to be used for essential public utility services will be registered as per BS-IV norms and BS-VI vehicles purchased after April 1 will be registered as per BS-VI norms.

The bench also allowed the registration of CNG vehicles subject to the compliance of all rules and regulations. The apex court, in its order, noted that applications were filed before the bench for registration of three kind vehicles — CNG vehicles, BS-IV, and BS-VI vehicles.

The court said that till March 31, BS-IV vehicles were allowed to be sold. However, many dealers disregarded this order and fraudulently sold them in lockdown and illegally registered them on the back date.

The Central Government said in the year 2016 that after the BS-IV emission standard in the country, directly BS-VI emission standard will be adopted by 2020. After the deadline of the sale of BS-IV vehicles on March 31, the Supreme Court was told by the Automobile Dealers Association that there are 7 lakh two wheelers with BS-IV, 15,000 passenger cars and 12 thousand commercial vehicles which are not sold all over the country. The Supreme Court was told that there are 1,05,000 two wheelers, 2250 passenger cars and 2000 commercial vehicles which are sold, but they have not been registered.

This move won’t benefit the buyers but it will get an authentic registration for the cars purchase by fraudulent registration. It will give relief to seller as all registration will be legalised.

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