Single day spike of 3.62 lakh new cases, India accounts for every 3rd death in the world

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Deccan Express

New Delhi : Coronavirus continues to wreak havoc in India. After one or two days of decrease, the new coronavirus cases in the country have crossed the benchmark of 3.5 lakh today. In India once again, in 24 hours, more than 3.62 lakh cases of corona have been reported. During this period, 4126 people have also died due to Covid. However, today the death toll is slightly lower than yesterday. But there is a lot of increase in new cases.

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According to the Health Ministry data, 362,406 new cases of corona virus were found in the country today, while 4,126 people died during the same period. There are currently more than 3704099 active cases in the country, while 19382642 people have been discharged. It is worth noting here that the countries like Corona and America are far behind the number of corona cases and deaths that are happening in India. That is, most of the deaths are happening in India right now and new cases are also being received. Maharashtra has the highest number of cases in the country.

On Wednesday, within the last twenty-four hours in India, the death and Corona investigation records were broken. The highest number of 4205 patients died on Wednesday in the country, which is the highest ever. Also, there were a record 19,83,804 checks in a single day. The second wave of Corona in India is causing so much havoc that the record of deaths within a day was broken in just five days. On May 7, 4194 patients died in India, which was the record for the highest number of deaths in a single day. Now on Wednesday, 4205 deaths took place in the country within a day, thereby destroying the previous record of deaths.

Total deaths exceeded 2.5 lakhs
The total death toll in India has reached a new record level on Thursday. This figure has increased to about 2 lakh 58 thousand. India has the highest number of deaths after the United States and Brazil. However, India has also overtaken these countries in terms of daily deaths.

Every third death happening in the world in India
At present, most new patients are being received every day in India and the maximum deaths are happening, which is the highest in the whole world. According to Corona Tracker of Reuters, every third death occurring in the whole world is happening in India. On an average, 3800 deaths are occurring every day in India, while around 12 thousand deaths are occurring every day in the whole world.

Highest deaths in these states –
Maharashtra – 77191
Delhi – 20010
Karnataka – 19852
Tamil Nadu – 16178
Uttar Pradesh – 16043
West Bengal – 12593
Chhattisgarh – 10941
Punjab – 10918

Corona is becoming more severe in May, understand from these figures –
12 May 2021 : 362,406 new cases and 4,126 deaths.
11 May 2021 : 348,529 new cases and 4,200 deaths
10 May 2021 : 329,517 new cases and 3,879 deaths
9 May 2021 : 366,499 new cases and 3,748 deaths.
8 May 2021 : 409,300 new cases and 4,133 deaths
7 May 2021 : 401,326 new cases and 4,194 deaths.
6 May 2021 : 414,433 new cases and 3,920 deaths.
5 May 2021 : 412,618 new cases and 3,982 deaths.
4 May 2021 : 382,691 new cases and 3,786 deaths.
3 May 2021 : 355,828 new cases and 3,438 deaths.
2 May 2021 : 370,059 new cases and 3,422 deaths.
1 May 2021 : 392,562 new cases and 3,688 deaths.

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