Security Forces Running Anti-Terrorists Operations Entering Militants’ Stronghold, Great Success in Breaking Ground Network

by pranjalipargaonkar
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Srinagar : The security forces, working hard day and night to finish the stronghold of terrorists, get success in two and a half to three percent of the cases. Sometimes this percentage is even lower. Sources associated with the security force say that about 3600 cordon and search operations were carried out in the last year. 93 of these were successful. A senior officer of the security force said, “We constantly conduct intensive investigation and action by circulating the area on the information.” Many times terrorists are able to escape. Security forces are entering the stronghold of the terrorists and carrying out the operations.

There is a lot of difficult operation in the dense population because terrorists shift from one place to another. Many times it happens that terrorists change their location even before the security forces arrive. The official said that we continue intensive investigation till we achieve our goal. This is the reason that the terrorists recruiting nowadays do not carry out their activity for long.

The officer said that the Army, CRPF and Jammu and Kashmir Police are working hard to eliminate the terrorists. Security forces are also getting success in breaking their ground network.

According to officials, with the elimination of the terrorists, the security forces have continuously taken action against those providing logistics and shelter. All those who serve as their communicators, give shelter to them and do intelligence espionage work for them are all caught and warned and action is taken under PSA against hundreds of people if necessary.

Sources associated with the security force said that the militant group is trying to excite their cadre by carrying out a major attack, but the rigorous operations are continuing to thwart their plan. Because of this, terrorists are being killed in the encounter.

Sources said that at present, the security forces in South Kashmir are trying to carry out operations even at those areas where action against the terrorists has been very difficult. Terrorists are forced to leave their stronghold due to better coordination of security forces. A top official said that at present, the number of terrorists has been limited to 200, while Pakistan is making every possible attempt to infiltrate to create a critical number of 350-400.

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