SC rejected Muharram procession across the country cited community will be blamed for coronavirus spread

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New Delhi: The Supreme Court rejected Shia religious leader Maulana Kalbe Jawaad pleas to take out the Muharram procession across the country. Chief Justice SA Bobde advised him to seek High Court’s permissions. The High Court will give permission in view of the situation in the state. Maulna Kalbe Jawwad had filed a petition seeking permission to take out the procession of Muharram in different cities across the country.

The Supreme Court said, ‘the procession cannot be allowed to take place in the whole country, because the situation is different everywhere. The Supreme Court said that the High Court of every state should be allowed in view of the situation there’.

The petitioner said, ‘they should at least be allowed to take out a procession in Lucknow, as the city has Shia people more. In response, the Supreme Court asked the petitioner to seek Allahabad High Court permission.

Earlier, the court allowed Jagannath Yatra in Odisha. However, the court said, ‘ it was just a city affair and not the whole country. If permission is given for the entire country, then people will start blaming the community for the spread of coronavirus.

Muharram is celebrated in memory of the martyrdom of 72 companions of Prophet Hazrat Mohammad Sahab. People of the Shia Muslim community celebrate it memory of Imam Hussain and his followers. The festival will start from 29 or 30 August sighting of the moon.

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