PM Modi urges new orders regarding Drugs and Vaccination

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Deccan Express: Prime Minister Narendra Modi held an important meeting today due to the rising cases of corona. In this meeting, PM Modi has given important orders regarding the shortage of medicines in the country and vaccination. Modi has instructed the states not to slow down corona vaccination. During the meeting, Modi was briefed on the situation regarding corona in each state.

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Modi’s important meeting held today on the sidelines of the COVID-19 also discussed measures to ensure immediate and comprehensive measures to prevent corona. During the meeting, Modi said the states were advised to identify districts where the positivity rate is more than 10% and the oxygen-supported or ICU beds are more than 60% full. Modi also reviewed the availability of medicines. He was informed about the rapid increase in the production of other drugs including Remdesivir. Modi has reviewed vaccination and its preparations to increase vaccine production in the coming months.

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Meanwhile, Prime Minister Modi reviewed the ongoing vaccination in the states. About 31 percent of people over the age of 45 have been given at least one dose of the corona vaccine. States should be instructed not to slow down vaccination. Citizens should also be provided with vaccination facilities despite the lockdown. Vaccination workers should not be diverted to other jobs, PM Modi said.

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According to the PMO, 17.7 crore vaccines have been sent to the states so far. Modi was given a comprehensive picture of the growing impact of the corona virus in different states of India. Twelve states with more than 1 lakh active corona infections have been reported. He also informed about the districts with high number of patients. The Prime Minister was also briefed on the basic health facilities set up by the states. At this time, states should be helped and guided to improve the infrastructure of health services, PM Modi has said.

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