Pensioners Can Store Pension Payment Order In DigiLocker, Here’s How

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New Delhi: Pension Payment Order (PPO) can now be stored in ‘DigiLocker’ by the central government pensioners. The move comes after it was noticed by the Department of Pension and Pensioners’ Welfare (DoPPW) that several pensioners, over a period of time, misplace the original copies of their PPO, which, needless to say, is a very important original document, the government order said. “In the absence of their PPO, these pensioners have to face innumerable hardships at various stages of their retired life. For newly retiring officials, in view of the widespread COVID-19 pandemic, it was a dilemma to physically receive hard copies of the PPO,” said the statement issued by the Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions.

Accordingly, the DoPPW has decided to integrate the electronic Pension Payment Order (e-PPO), generated through the Public Finance Management System (PFMS) application of Controller General of Accounts, with DigiLocker, in order to enhance ease of living of central government civil pensioners, it said. This system will enable any pensioner to obtain an instant printout of the latest copy of their PPO from their DigiLocker account, the ministry said.

This initiative will create a permanent record of their respective PPO in their DigiLocker and at the same time eliminate delays in reaching the PPO to new pensioners, as well as the necessity of handing over a physical copy, it said. DigiLocker is a digital document wallet for citizens that allows them to access important documents anytime and anywhere.

“This (e-PPO to DigiLocker) was a target set to be accomplished for civil ministries by 2021-22, which the department completed ahead of time in view of the COVID-19 pandemic,” the statement said. This facility has been created with Bhavishya software, which is a single window platform for pensioners, right from the start of their pension processing till the end of the process.

The following steps are required to store e-PPO in the Pensioner’s DigiLocker:

Bhavishya provides an option to retiring employees for linking their DigiLocker account with“Bhavishya” to get e-PPO. Above option is available to the retiree at the time of filling of retirement forms, as well as after submission of the forms. Retiree will sign into their Digi-locker account from Bhavishya and authorize Bhavishya to PUSH the e-PPO to DigiLocker. As soon as e-PPO is issued, it is automatically PUSHED into corresponding Digi locker account and the retiree is informed about the same through SMS and Email by Bhavishya.

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