Not only Galvan-Pangong, China and India standoff on these 8 points

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New Delhi: The boundary dispute between India and China is almost 6 decades old. India always took the initiative to resolve this, but China never did it. China has infiltrated Indian territories many times- Ladakh, Aksai Chin, Tibet, Doklam and Sikkim. China does not desist from violating the ground border from all sides. Since May there has been a tense situation between China and India on the border dispute.

There have been disputes between China and India regarding infiltration, because every country views the border from its perspective. There is no agreement between the two countries till date. The Line of Actual Control (LAC) between India and China is not clear in many areas. There are 8 important disputed points or geographical locations between India and China.


Wrangling of Tibet: Tibet used to be a catalyst between India and China, politically and geographically. China removed it in 1950. India has recognized Tibet, but on the pretext of Tibetan refugees, China continues to act on this issue occasionally..

Other border roads including Aksai Chin Road: China is continuously constructing Aksai Chin Road and many such roads in Ladakh region. Due to which the tension is tightened.. China is reluctant to consider Jammu and Kashmir as a part of India, but it has no objection to Pakistan-occupied Kashmir as part of Pakistan.


3488 km long disputed border: There is no clarity on the border of 3488 km between the two countries. China does not want to resolve the border dispute on purpose. It uses the border dispute from time to time to pressure India. There are often clashes between the soldiers of India and China regarding this border.

Claim on Arunachal Pradesh: China asserts its claim on the whole of Arunachal. China strongly opposed taking a loan from Asia Development Bank for a hydropower project in Arunachal. China gives stapled visas to the residents of Arunachal. So that the people there can come to China.

China’s stand on Brahmaputra river: China has never been building several dams on this river. The water will be taken through canals to areas of North China. Keeping in mind the possibility of this issue becoming a big controversy in the future, India has been raising this issue in bilateral talks.

Chinese activities in Indian Ocean: China has been increasing its activities in Indian Ocean since the last few years. It is working on a strategy to surround India by launching projects in partnership with Pakistan, Myanmar, Sri Lanka and Maldives. This will give him access around India.

China’s ongoing work on PoK: China is doing many development activities in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK) and Gilgit Baltistan. The dam is being built. Former army chief VK Singh himself said that three to four thousand Chinese are employed in these areas, including the soldiers of the People’s Liberation Army of China.

Unrest in South Asia from South China Sea: China wants to establish its dominance in the South China Sea. So that it can meet its energy needs. It is facing challenges from Vietnam, Japan and the Philippines. A few years ago, he warned Indian companies involved in Vietnam’s two oil block projects to stay away from the South China Sea.

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