Maharashtra’s Dr. Lele shuts up Baba Ramdev amid live TV debate show

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Deccan Express

Yoga guru Baba Ramdev had expressed disbelief about the treatment of coronavirus. There is a lot of outrage in the doctors after Ramdev said that allopathy is a stupid science. On Sunday, the health minister had said that Ramdev Baba had withdrawn his statement on allopathy. However, I became a doctor without any degree, how corona causes death of the doctor of allopathy , said Baba Ramdev . In a TV debate organized on this, former IMA office bearer Dr. Jayesh Lele has taken Baba Ramdev on a good spread and slammed him.

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In a news channel debate show organized after Baba Ramdev’s video on allopathy, Dr. Jayesh Lele made Baba Ramdev quite. Dr. Lele was talking about allopathy and Ramdev was interpreting him which made Dr. Lele annoyed. Saying “Shut up … Shut up …” Lele calmed down Ramdev Baba. After that, Baba also reacted and said, “Who are you?” However, on social media, Dr. Lele’s video is going viral and he is getting support. So some are also trolling Dr. Lele. Dr. Lele is from Mumbai and is currently practicing medicine in the district. He is currently the General Secretary of the Indian Medical Association.

Even during a TV debate of Ramdev Baba, former IMA president there was an argument with Dr. Rajan Sharma. Allopathy has no cure for many ailments. Ayurveda has treatments for diseases like BP, sugar, thyroid. Baba Ramdev has stated that thousands of doctors have lost their lives despite taking 2 doses of Corona vaccine.

On this, Sharma challenged him to go in ‘Dhotis’ in Level 3 of Covid Center and work. Ramdev Baba got angry at this. Don’t think yourself as all powerful, said Baba Ramdev. After this, Ramdev Baba tweeted and asked some questions to IMA.

If I respect doctors and medical science, then why don’t you respect and criticize Ayurveda? Ramdev Baba said. There are a lot of pharma companies, so why are doctors falling prey to them. The doctor is not a representative of a pharma company, in such words Ramdev Baba questioned.

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