Maharashtra SSC result declared, 99.95 percent of students passed the exam

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Deccan Express – Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education (MSBSHSE) declared Secondary School Certificate (SSC) result today. A total of 99.95 percent of students pass the examination this year. This is the highest passing percentage registered by the board in history.
This year the examination was not conducted by the board due to the Covid pandemic. The evaluation of the students was done by the internal marks sent by the schools. A total of 15,75,806 fresh students were registered and the board received internal marks of 15,75,752 students from the school. Based on the internal assessment 15,74,994 students passed the examination.
This year 82,802 repeater students registered for the evaluation, out of these marks of 82,674 students received by the board from schools. A total of 74,618 students passed the examination taking the passing percentage of the repeater students to 90.25.
Konkan division has the highest result with a 100 percent passing percentage. The lowest passing percentage is registered in the Nagpur division as a total 99.84 percent of students cleared the exam.
Like every year, girls outshine boys. The passing percentage of girls is 99.96 while 99.94 percent of boys passed the board examination.  A total, 957 students out of all students evaluated have scored 100 percent marks in the SSC examination informed the board
The passing percentage of differently-abled students is 97.84 percent

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