Maharashtra : Earthquake Tremors In Mumbai, Magnitude 3.5 On Richter Scale

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Mumbai : Frequent low intensity earthquakes are occurring in Maharashtra. Earthquake tremors were felt again in Mumbai today. According to the National Center for Seismology, the earthquake was measured 3.5 on the Richter scale. The epicenter of the earthquake was 98 kilometers north of Mumbai. Earthquake tremors were felt at around 4.15 am.

There were two earthquake tremors in Nashik on Tuesday. There was an earthquake in Nashik on Tuesday at 9.50 minutes. Its intensity on the Richter scale was 3.8. After this, there was another earthquake in Nashik at 10.15 minutes. Its intensity was 2.5.

Why does an earthquake occur?
There are 7 plates inside the earth that rotate continuously. The places where these plates collide more is called the fault line zone. Corners of the plates turn due to repeated hitting. When the pressure starts to build up more, the plates start breaking. Due to this, the energy inside finds a way to come out. After this disturbance, an earthquake occurs.

Keep these things in mind during an earthquake
– Be careful and aware of the post-earthquake tremors.
– Keep distance from windows, tall buildings and other structures.
– If you are in a multi-storey building, always use the stairs.
– If you are stuck somewhere or in a secluded place, then save your energy. Use mobile and other battery powered devices to a minimum.
– If you are in a tall building, move away from the outer wall immediately and save your head. If you have a helmet, wear it. Do not use the lift and stay away from windows.
– When driving, stop the engine by stopping the car on the side of the road. Stay away from flyovers, power lines and advertisement boards. Get out of the car and lie down on its side. Do not stay inside the car in any situation.

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