Maharashtra based company to manufacture drugs on mucormycosis, Union Minister Nitin Gadkari plays pivotal role

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Deccan Express

While the corona virus has already disrupted people’s lives, there has been a resurgence of mucormycosis, a rare fungal disease. The number of patients with mucormycosis has been increasing daily for the past few days. Now, with the efforts of Union Road Transport and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari, an injection on mucormycosis will be manufactured in Wardha. Due to this, there seems a way out of this crisis.

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The number of patients with mucormycosis is on the rise in many states including Maharashtra and Gujarat. The genetic life sciences company in Wardha will be making amphotericin B injection on mucormycosis. The company has also been cleared by the state FDA. The company will also start production of injections on mucormycosis in the next 15 days. Union Minister Nitin Gadkari has played a pivotal role in this.

Patients with mucormycosis have been found in several cities in Maharashtra for the past few days. From this, Nitin Gadkari’s office gave detailed information about the production of injection on mucormycosis through Twitter. An injection of amphotericin B costs Rs 7,000. An infected patient is given 40 to 50 injections. So these injections are not easily available to the people. In the meantime, the injection made in Wardha will be available for Rs 1,200. Also, Nitin Gadkari’s office has said through Twitter that 20,000 injections will be produced in one day.

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