Land survey starts for Pune-Nashik semi high speed railway

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Pune : Deccan Express | Land survey work for Pune-Nashik Semi Highspeed Railway project has started at a fast pace. The survey of lands to be acquired in 7 out of 12 villages of Haveli taluka has been completed so far.

Pune-Nashik Semi High Speed Railway is an ambitious project of the State Government. It will also give impetus to the development of Pune, Ahmednagar and Nashik districts. About 1,470 hectares of land in three districts will be acquired for this project. In this, 575 hectares of land will have to be acquired from four talukas of Haveli, Khed, Junnar and Ambegaon in Pune district. Land acquisition will cost Rs 1,300 to 1,500 crore. These lands will be acquired through direct interaction with the farmers.

The survey has been completed in Kolwadi, Sashti, Manjari Khurd, Tulapur, Perne, Wadebolhai and Bawdi villages, said Rohini Akhade, Land Acquisition Officer. About 131 hectares of land in these 12 villages will have to be acquired for the railway line. Rain often causes difficulties in surveys. Therefore, it is expected that the land survey in the villages of Haveli taluka will be completed by next month. After that, land acquisition will be done, the administration said.

235 km – Length of route

200 kmph – train speed (per hour)

Features of project –

It will pass through Pune, Nagar and Nashik districts

18 tunnels, 41 flyovers, 128 subways.

Pune-Nashik distance will be covered in just two and a half hours

A total of 24 stations planned on the route

Financial Institutions account for 60 per cent, State Government for 20 per cent and Railways for 20 per cent

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