Jammu & Kashmir : Govt. Warns Private Schools Of 10 Times Higher Fines On Taking Admission Fees

by pranjalipargaonkar
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Srinagar : Private schools in Jammu and Kashmir cannot charge admission fees. After the ‘Right to Education Act’ comes into force on 31 October 2019, if a school has taken admission fees from children, then it has to be returned immediately. Recognition of school will be canceled if fees are not returned.

Citing the decisions of the Supreme Court and the High Court, the State Government has issued the order on the recommendation of the Fee Fixation Committee. Screening of admission of the child in private schools will also be prohibited.

A school that breaks the rules will be fined 25 to 50 thousand rupees under Section 13 of the Act. Principal Secretary, School Education Department, Dr. Asghar Hasan Samun issued the order on Friday.

The order said that on 28 January 2019, the Fee Fixation Committee was empowered to conduct cases related to fee structure in private schools. According to the committee, private schools can charge only tuition fees, annual fees, transportation fees, voluntary special reason fees, which are approved by the committee, but cannot be admitted for admission and any other fees.

On 14 September 2020, the committee requested the government to issue instructions to private schools not to take admission fees. On this recommendation, the government has issued this order.

These provisions are in section 13 of the Act
1. No capitation fee can be charged on admission to school. Children cannot also be screened for admission.
2. The school charged capitation fees will be fined up to ten times the fees charged.
3. In case of admission of children after screening, fine of 25 thousand rupees on the first violation and 50 thousand rupees on each violation thereafter.

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