Is COVID-19 a natural infection or man-made virus?, Dr. Anthony Fauci refuses to accept the belief

by omkar123
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Deccan Express

The corona virus is spreading around the world. The number of patients seems to be increasing day by day. However, even if this corona virus came, where did this question come from? Earlier, the virus was said to be man-made. That is, the virus was said to have been created in a Chinese laboratory. However, now experts in the United States have provided important information.

Dr. Anthony Fauci has made a big statement about the creation of this corona virus. It is not easy to accept that corona virus is a natural disease. ‘Is corona virus natural?’when asked, he said ‘no’. I’m not going to believe that. I think the matter is yet to be investigated. What happened in China that caused the corona virus? Those who researched it thought that the corona virus came from animals and then entered the human body. However, the reason may be different. Where exactly did this virus come from? “We are studying it now,” he said.

Various studies have emerged so far on the corona virus. The virus was initially thought to be caused by bats. Since then, many other powerful countries, including the United States, have blamed China for creating this deadly virus.

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