India’s Global Plan Ready For Corona Vaccine, Will Help Neighboring Countries But Pakistan Not Included

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New Delhi : Some officials familiar with the information about India’s vaccine plan said on condition of anonymity that the central government is working on at least five different methods, ranging from free vaccines to guaranteed supplies. This includes helping countries in West Asia, Africa and even Latin America, as well as their neighbors. The idea is to strengthen diplomatic relations and emerge as a vaccine factory in the world.

Indian companies are working on two vaccines that are currently in the midst of a clinical trial. The arrangements for these vaccines will be large-scale, including vaccines produced by Pune-based Serum Institute of India (SII), the world’s largest vaccine manufacturer. With which three companies are involved, including AstraZeneca. An official said that the final plan has not yet been finalized for the scheme, that is yet to be finalized. For example, any platform set by India for the supply of vaccines will have to honor the licensing agreements which will decide Where vaccines can be sold and where they can not.

Government officials are working on the details of the scheme in consultation with a group of experts on vaccines led by NITI Aayog doctor VK Paul. Officials say that once the vaccine is created and approved, the government will sign an agreement with potential beneficiaries. Officials said it would be carefully selected to include important neighboring countries where a large number of Indians are working or studying and which have been very useful and helpful to India at international forums such as the United Nations (UN) . Five such models being considered include the first of the five models to include free distribution that may be limited to neighboring countries such as Bangladesh, Afghanistan. He said that Pakistan is not part of the idea right now and it is being speculated that Pakistan may depend on Chinese vaccines.

The second model, officials said, included the need for heavily subsidized vaccines being distributed to poor countries as part of India’s international obligations. Many African countries can benefit from this. On 15 August, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced that India is ready to mass produce COVID-19 vaccines for domestic consumption. In the Independence Day speech, he said from the ramparts of the Red Fort, “Not one, not two but three coronovirus vaccines are being tested in India. Last week, when Foreign Secretary Harshvardhan Shringla went to Dhaka, he mentioned in a press conference that when India is ready with a vaccine, our nearest neighbors, friends, and partners and other countries will be part of it”.

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