India to get 5 more vaccines to fight against coronavirus, 2 billion doses to be ready by December

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Deccan Express

India will soon get the help of 5 more vaccines in the fight against COVID-19 pandemic. The Government of India has submitted a list of 8 possible vaccines. Although vaccination campaigns with the help of Covishield and Covaxin are currently slow, other vaccines will soon be available. For this reason, the Ministry of Health has said that by December this year, more than 2 billion vaccines will be available in India.

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1. Member of the Russian Corona Vaccine Sputnik V: Member of the Policy Commission Dr. V. K. Paul told a news conference, “The Russian vaccine Sputnik-V will be available in the Indian market next week.”

2. Biological E Sub Unit Vaccine: According to the ministry, the biological e-sub unit is a subunit vaccine, which is in the third phase of testing. The Center expects to receive 30 crore doses of the vaccine between August and December.

3. Zydus Cadila DNA Vaccine: The Zydus Cadila vaccine is in the third phase of trial and the company will soon apply for a license in India. It is a three-dose vaccine and will be given by injection free technology. The government expects to receive 5 crore doses of Zydus cadillac vaccine by December.

4. Novavax or Kovavax: This vaccine will also be manufactured in India by the Serum Institute of India (Serum). The vaccine is developed by the American company Novavax. Pune-based Genova Biopharmaceuticals is also developing Messenger RNA vaccine. Pfizer and Modern are also mRNA vaccines.

5. Nasal vaccine of Bharat Biotech : Bharat Biotech is currently working on a nasal nasal vaccine. This will be a single dose vaccine. Currently, the first and second phase trials of this vaccine are underway.

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